There are several options available when you have qualified as a Sports Therapist or Sports Rehabilitator, this depends on your qualification level and course title;

  • Currently Sports Therapy and Sports Rehabilitation are unregulated professions.
  • There is no lead body or council for Sports Therapy or Sports Rehabilitation.
  • There is a lead council for Soft Tissue Therapies

The General Council for Soft Tissue Therapies

GCMT Mission Statement - We are the Views of the Profession

“The Council for Soft Tissue Therapies is the only forum where Professional Associations who represent massage and soft tissue therapies can come together to discuss and resolve industry issues. We aim to represent the views of the whole spectrum of massage and soft tissue practitioners by working collectively in the best interests of the profession.”

To receive membership benefits you could consider joining a Professional Membership Associations representing Sports Therapists and Sports Massage Therapists; It is not compulsory to join any association or maintain membership. You can access insurance to practice from independent Insurance brokers.

If you are condiering joining a Professional Membership Association; (This is not compulsory)

We highly recommend you speak to the associations mentioned and ask the costs of membership, about the levels of service you receive, your/their expectations and tangible member benefits. It may also be useful to talk to existing members via social media platforms to guage the level of support you receive as a member.

  • Sports Therapy Association (100% money back guarantee if not satisfied)
  • Company registration number 09447702 (not for profit association)
  • Totally independent and not linked to any training provider.
  • STA represent Sports Massage Therapists (affiliate membership category)

There is 1 membership association representing Graduate BSc and MSc Sports Therapists;

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